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Property Management Overview

Digital property management software for Retail and Commercial Property

The Vicinitee Commercial Suite is popular in both retail and commercial property to improve the management of day to day operations.

Functioning essentially as a facility-wide intranet, our web-based system eliminates the need for network-wide software installation.  The key benefit of installing a property-wide system such as our Commercial Suite is the amount of time it will save you, your staff, and your occupiers.  All relevant information is stored in one central location and is easy to access, allowing managers, staff, and occupiers to arrange visitor permits, look up the occupier handbook, find the time and date of the next fire drill, and locate a great lunch deal, all without going through the hassle of usual building admin procedures.

Standard features benefit property managers, their teams, and occupiers, while extra features incorporate 3rd party suppliers and the local community.

Standard Features:  Extras:
Occupiers' Handbook Resource Manager
Fire and Emergency Procedures Visitor Management
Rules and Regulations Permit to Work
  Visitor Touch Screen
  React - Security Alert


Our dedicated team ensures that you are equipped with a specialised suite of property management tools that will make your building easier to run.

For more information on how to incorporate into your commercial buildings, please contact us on +44 (0) 207 505 4121 or email|.