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Community Overview

Online access to a bespoke directory of local goods and services, important building news, a guide to local entertainment, and exclusive deals and offers for members

Used in both residential and commercial buildings, these applications are an opportunity for you to extend the level of customer service in your building beyond the commonplace, as well as to create a sense of community between your tenants and the local area.

Our Vicinitee Community applications also allow you to communicate with residents/occupiers, staff, local services, and third party suppliers online and in real time, saving you and your staff time that would otherwise be wasted chasing paper and awaiting responses.

The interface design is easy to navigate, flexible so as to incorporate your brand, and can be tailored to suit your individual needs, whether you run a commercial or residential property.  

For more information on incorporating Vicnitee Community into your commercial or residential buildings, please contact us on +44(0) 207 505 4121 or email|.