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Create a centre website and an intranet that you and your retailers can easily keep up to date

Our team provides you with a website built on a comprehensive management system (CMS) that can easily be used by both your staff and your retailers. Working with our own creative team or collaborating with design partners, we create the website templates, and the system allows you to create, publish, and delete information as needed, as well as set times for content publishing and expiration.

Using the same CMS, Vicinitee Intranet creates a portal where retailers can access and update their own store details, provide job vacancy details, and create marketing content. This centre-wide platform also improves communication between centre management and retailers using:

  • Email
  • Flexible feedback system to gather retailer opinion
  • 'What's New' area to keep retailers up to date
  • Document Storage
  • Sales Information

Security controls are provided at all levels of the system, ensuring only authorised personnel publish content changes.

Vicinitee Integrate allows you a range of interfaces between your system and third party application providers. The following applications are available to integrate:

  • Retail sales analysis
  • Visitor counting systems
  • Traffic and road reports
  • Bus maps
  • Weather and news feeds
  • FRI systems
  • Parking systems
  • FM systems

Our marketing tools are all designed with flexibility in mind so as to accomodate your shopping centre's requirements, your retailer's requirements, and your centre's infrastructure.

For more information on how to incorporate into your shopping centre, please contact us on +44 (0) 207 505 4121 or email|.