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Mobile Apps

Keep your digital strategy at the forefront with a Mobile App

Very useful for both Retail and Commercial clients, Vicinitee's Mobile Apps present an opportunity for you to:

  • Provide an additional service to your occupiers, retailers, and shoppers
  • Establish a new revenue stream from sponsorship and advertising
  • Increase brand awareness through multiple digital channels

With the Mobile App as a handheld, personal guide to your shopping centre, users have easy access to deals and offers, shops and restaurants, location maps, and events.  Retailers can purchase advertising space or sponsor particular pages on the App, and you can track visitor trends and monitor performance.

Commerical Building Apps include a 'Near Me' and 'Near My Building' feature, allowing users to locate restaurants and shops based on their current location or their office location.  They can also access deals and offers in their neighbourhood, save pages to favourites, and access travel news.

Both retail and commercial apps include:

  • Shops and Restaurants with location maps, contact details, and opening times
  • Deals and offers
  • Favourites list
  • Content sharing on social networking sites

Easily updated via your Vicinitee Web Intranet|, your Mobile App will be a bespoke, useful, and timely addition to your digital portfolio.

For more information on incorporating Vicinitee Retail into your shopping centre, please contact us on +44 (0) 207 505 4121 or email|.