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Create effective, targeted digital marketing campaigns

Using the Vicnitee Web| platform, Vicinitee Campaign allows you to create coordinated email marketing campaigns as well as send SMS bulletins.  Our design team creates branded templates for your emails, and with our CRM, your marketing team can create shopper profiles used for behaviour profiling.

Personlised, targeted, messages containing relevant incentives based on collected data can then be sent using email and SMS. The tracking facility allows you to close the loop on marketing campaigns, measuring their effectiveness against target groups, and allowing future campaigns to be fine-tuned.

The Campaign application builds a CRM database via:

  • Shopper registration via the website
  • Purchased data
  • Additional marketing activities, e.g. competitions

Campaigns can be uploaded onto your website, touch screen kiosks, and plasma screens simultaneously, ensuring all platforms carry the same message.

For more information on incorporating into your shopping centre, please contact us on +44 (0) 207 505 4121 or email|.