Key Stats

Platform active in over 450 buildings.
Used by around 800 organisations.
Visitors processed per year.
Permits raised per year.
Resources booked per year.
Serving over 52,000 users worldwide.
Helpdesk tickets raised per year.
Licence for Alterations created per year.
Commercialisation Bookings.

Our Clients

Below shows a selection of our diverse client list.

Our Platform

Our commercial property management software improves the flow of communication in your building, ensuring everyone has the information they need when they need it.

Tenant Engagement Platform

  • One stop access to the property management tools through an engaging tenant platform.

Property Management Portal

  • Our web based property management portal allows you to manage your account, view contacts and documents and allows access to individual modules.

Visitor Management

  • Guest Notifications including Mobile Pass, Email Confirmation
  • Pre Booking Functionality
  • Host Notifications
  • Peak Time Analysis Reporting
  • Wireless Pass Printing 
  • Mobile Tablet Version


  • Permit Request / Authorisation Workflow
  • Requester / Authoriser Workflow Tracking via Unique Permit Reference
  • Method Statement / Risk Assessment Documentation Upload Facility

Licence for Alteration

  • Licence For Alteration Request / Authorisation Workflow
  • Requester / Authoriser Workflow Tracking via Unique Permit Reference
  • Documentation Upload Facility


  • Short To Medium Term Leasing / Contract Engine.
  • Commercial / Promotional / Flexible Workspace Bookings.
  • Enquiry / Request / Authorisation / Contract Generations Workflow
  • Automated Contract Generation / Notifications
  • Mobile / Tablet Version

Bookable Services

  • Mobile Responsive Web Application
  • Account
  • Payments
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Bookable Services
  • Visitor Management
  • Help Desk

Employee Management System

  • Digital Staff Entry Pass on Mobile Phone
  • Maintain Secure Employee List
  • Apple Wallet/Android Passbook Pass Storage

Help Desk

  • Online Help Desk Ticketing
  • Email Notification Updates
  • Progress Tracking Availability
  • CAFM Systems Integration
  • Mobile / Tablet Version

Resource Manager

  • Management of Shared Resources
  • Loading Bay Management
  • Allocation of Timeslots
  • Recurring Bookings
  • Email Notifications

Third party integrations

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