We're pleased to annouNce we've given our community a makeover...

For over 10 years Vicinitee has provided offers, events, prizes, travel information and more to many of the finest offices buildings across London.

With our new version we've tried to make everything we have to offer as easy to find as possible, and added lots of nice social features in the mix as well. So you can now share all the things you like with your friends.

The New Vicinitee Community You'll find us at 2013.vicinitee.com

Take a look and let us know what you think. Your current login details will work as usual.

... BUT For users of our Property Management Tools, nothing has changed

Please log in as usual by following the 'My Building' link above.

Or you may wish to visit and bookmark tools.vicinitee.net

Please contact support@vicinitee.com if you have any problems

Thank you.